Århus Feminist Reading Group
25 Nov, 2018 -


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Århus Feminist Reading Group: The Sexual Politics of Meat

Last time the reading group had a very general conversation about ecofeminism and environmentalism, so at this meeting the discussion will be more focused on vegetarianism/veganism as a feminist act and the sexual/environmental politics of eating meat, dairy and animal products.

The reading:

- The main text for the meeting is this dialogue featuring Carol J. Adams, in which she refelcts on her book "The Sexual Poltiics of Meat" https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54792ff7e4b0674c74cb719d/t/5845b68920099e896fa07b44/1480963721851/9789004325845_02-Adams+and+Calarco.pdf

There are also these two shorter, less theoretical texts which address interesting perspectives. These sites are definitely worth exploring further too!

- "How Veganism Became an Integral Part of my Feminism" http://veganfeministnetwork.com/how-veganism-became-an-integral-part-of-my-feminism/

- THE FUTURE IS VEGAN…(AND STILL A WHITE SUPREMACIST RACIAL CASTE-CAPITALIST SYSTEM): http://www.sistahvegan.com/2018/09/17/the-future-is-vegan-and-still-a-white-supremacist-racial-caste-capitalist-system/

Thank you very much to Anna Tsantekidou for suggesting the reading for this session.

As always, you are welcome to attend the meeting to contribute/listen even if you don't have the time to do the reading! No prior knowledge required.

Directly after the meeting those who want will go together to the annual demonstration against sexual violence, which starts at 16.00.


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