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School for non-productive learning
18 Aug, 2008 -
31 Aug, 2008
Erik Håkonsson, Instant Coffee, Eva Egermann and Christian Töpfner, ( Manoa Free University), Alexander Vaindorf, Jim Duignan, Barbara Katzin, Lise Skou, Tanja Nellemann, Ditte Lyngkær, and Grete Aagaard
A 3-day school project in rum46

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"School for non -productive learning" is a 3-day school project in rum46. We have lectures, workshops, and dinners in the program. The school hours are from 3 - 10 pm with critical and artistic exchange between academics, artists and the audience.
The school will be followed by an exhibition presenting works by the participants until Sunday August 31.
By this project rum46 hope to discuss what it means to be an educated citizen in today's society. The organization of schools and educational institutions has during the years been associated with the idea of productivity and curriculum. The project examines new ways of educational practices.

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Information on the participants:

Erik Håkonsson
What School
Teaching is an art of the moment. It is an interaction between human beings and you cannot anticipate the outcome. The outcome can be some Learning but the learning depends on much more than the teacher's efforts. Of course it takes some technics and knowledge to teach but also empathy and sensitivity. Storytelling, correspondance and animation of the student's creativity elaborate the relationship between teacher and student in a powerfull way. We can call it non productive learning. You might even not be able to define the outcome. But in many cases society demands a certain outcome and so it is difficult to place the responsibility for it.We can compare with trading: you might be forced to sell something, but maybe nobody is interested in bying it. That is the problem in many programs.
Erik Håkonsson, writer and retired associate professor at DPU Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet (School of Education, University of Aarhus)

Instant Coffee
Instant Coffee is a service oriented collective of artists, writers, curators, designers and code writers. Together they have developed a practice that culminates in bringing together large numbers of artists, designers, musicians and other cultural producers under loosely themed events. They offer networking services that promote local, national and international activities and publish a monthly on-line magazine, Instant Coffee Saturday Edition. In conjunction with their events, they also publish bookworks, posters and other multiples. Instant Coffee's most consistent members are Jinhan Ko, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro, Kelly Lycan, Cecilia Berkovic and Khan Lee.
Instant Coffee developed, in part, as a response to the division and exaggerated difference between studio and exhibition practice. It wanted to offer its community a public place of practice, where ideas, materials and actions could be explored outside of the isolated studio and away from formal exhibition structures, but still supported by a critical discourse or at least offer the potential for one. From the beginning this need for a public place of practice was extended to a variety of disciplines, such as design, music and writing. In creating a space about work outside conventional modes of production, InstantCoffee privileges the relations built on the stuff of work, while also moving the notion of work toward a discussion of lifestyle and consumption.

For 'school for non-productive learning' Instant Coffee will transform rum46 into a alternative class room/space for learning and exchange of knowledge and give a talk about their projects and activities.
(instant coffee activities in Aarhus; Kelly Lycan and Jinhan Ko will be present)

Eva Egermann and Christian Töpfner, ( Manoa Free University)
Cryonics or abandonment: what's to be left of a Free University?
A presentation of several attempts in the context of the Manoa Free University that tested strategies and experimental settings for collective approaches of artistic knowledge production and self organisation.
Eva Egermann is an artist who lives in Vienna and works in different media and several collectives. Christian Töpfner tries as theorist of sorts and dwells in Hackney, London. Both met each other in the Manoa Free University, where they have worked collaboratively several times. The Manoa Free University has been founded in 2003 in Vienna as a self-institution dedicated to collaborative practices in the field of artistic knowledge production and forms of organisation at the interchange of arts and politics.

Alexander Vaindorf
Participatory observation.
An obligation to construct a fair account of the social experience.
With a critical outlook on collectively shared 'documents', construction and interpretations of 'truth' the works Alexander Vaindorf presents focus on individuals (selective memory) and form narrative formats to articulate time fragments of our current history.
Alexander Vaindorf, Russian-Swedish artist based in Stockholm.
www.alexandervaindorf.com _

Jim Duignan, Stockyard Institute
Stockyard Institute and Pedagogical Factory, Chicago
The Stockyard Institute is building temporary programs, collaborative workshops, exhibits and shared publications, in an exchange of energy, support and practice in contemporary art and pedagogy with a vast group of producers. They include an interdisciplinary membership of architects, educators, youth, designers, teachers, performers, growers, artists, students, writers, composers and others. The Stockyard Institute is aligned with many groups and organizations in Chicago and has a direct association in working with underserved youth, issues of experimental learning and pedagogy, public art and life in the city
The project Pedagogical Factory (Chicago 2007) discussed recent developments in critical education and social art, as well as asked questions about the relationship between contemporary life in the city and learning.
For the presentation in rum46 Jim Duignan is also bringing the a sound work that he did with the composer Faiz Razi called Music for Schools as well as he is initiating a colaborative poster during his stay in Århus
Jim Duignan, artist and Associate Professor, Visual Arts / School of Education, DePaul University, Chicago and initiator of Stockyard Institute,Chicago

Barbara Katzin, Lise Skou, Tanja Nellemann, Ditte Lyngkær, Grete Aagaard
All the things we know...you know!
A presentation of the project 'All that we know...you know' made for Pedagogical Factory, Chicago 2007.
Through a poetic workshop and conversations, interviews and pop ups in the neighbourhood and in the streets of Hyde Park, Chicago the project investigated different attitudes, interpretations and words connected to learning and knowledge production. The collected material were samplet into a sound scape, an alternative-local dictionary, posters, a slideshow and various photos.

Barbara Katzin, Lise Skou, Tanja Nellemann, Ditte Lyngkær, Grete Aagaard are all members of the project and exhibition space rum46

The projects and art practices rum46 presents often focus on social dialogue, communication and action, which can put important social and political problems in play. The participants involved show new spaces and possibilities of action, alternatives in relation to the society we are part of, via exchanging and interaction in social, political and cultural fields - with a starting point, amongst others, in the aesthetic.



kl. 15.00
Velkomst/welcome: rum46

kl. 15.30 - 17.30
Workshop: What School
Erik Håkonsson, DK

Instant Coffee, CA

Middag og fernisering/dinner and opening of the exhibition

åben fælles posterproduktion/common poster production

kl. 14
Talk: 'Participatory observation'
Alexander Veindorf, SE/RU

Talk: 'Stockyard Institute and Pedagogical Factory'
Jim Duignan, Chicago

kl. 17
Project presentation: 'All the things we know...you know'
Members of rum46, DK

Talk: 'Cryonics or abandonment: what's to be left of a Free University?'
Eva Egermann and Christian Töpfner (Manoa Free University), Vienna


ONSDAG d. 20 - SØNDAG D. 31

Udstillingen er åben/the exhibition is open

kl. 14 -17

School for non-productive learning is supported by The Danish Arts Council

School for non-productive learning

Kom og deltag !

I rum46 mandag d. 18. og tirsdag d. 19. august 2008

School for non-productive learning' er en tre-dages skole i rum46. Vi sætter talks og projektpræsentationer på skemaet sammen med workshops, fælles produktion og  middage. Det bliver lange skoledage fra 15.00 - 22.00
med faglig og kulturel udveksling mellem akademikere, kunstnere og deltagende publikummer.
Skolen efterfølges af udstilling, der præsenterer de deltagendes arbejde frem til søndag d. 31. august.

rum46 håber med denne "skole"  at bidrage til diskussionen om, hvad det vil sige at være en (ud)dannet og deltagende
(med)borger i dag. Organiseringen af skoler og undervisningsinstanser har gennem mange år været associeret med ideen om produktivitet og curriculum. Projektet kan således betragtes som en kommentar til det aktuelle effektivitetssamfund og de processer, der ligger til grund herfor.

Projektet undersøger nye former for uddannelsespraksis. Og vi rejser spørgsmålet om, hvorvidt læring kan ske i rammer og former, der ikke er kategoriseret som læring?

De deltagende er:

Jim Duignan (Chicago) billedkunstner – Stockyard institute Chicago. www.stockyardinstitute.org

Eric Håkonsson (DK) Cand. pæd psych. – skribent og tidligere professor på  DPU,  Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet

Alexander Vaindorf (S) billedkunstner www.alexandervaindorf.com

Kelly Lycsan og Jinhan Ko(Instant Coffee) (CA) kunstnergruppe www.instantcoffee.org

Eva Egermann and Christian Töpfner (Manoa Free University and more)(Wien) www.manoafreeuniversity.org

rum46 www.rum46.dk

rum 46
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